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Game Character Development by Antony S Ward | 13 MB



Picture Yourself Creating Video Games by Jason Darby | 5 MB



Character Animation with Poser Pro (Graphics Series) by Larry Mitchell | 12 MB


Maya Plug-In Power by Mark Jennings Smith | 16 MB



Anime Studio: The Official Guide by Kelly L Murdock | 13 MB

Publisher: Course Technology PTR; 1 edition (January 18, 2008) | ISBN-10: 1598634321 | PDF | 487 pages

Discover all of the unique capabilities of Anime Studio, a 2D animation software program with some amazing advanced features such as the ability to move the camera in 3D, a bone-based rigging system for manipulating 2D images and vectors, particle systems, dynamic bones, and the ability to import and view 3D models with textures. "Anime Studio™:

ImageMagick Tricks: Unleash the power of ImageMagick with this fast, friendly tutorial and tips guide | 4 MB

Packt Publishing | June 24, 2006 | ISBN: 1904811868 | 232 pages | PDF | 4 MB

This fast paced and practical tutorial is packed with examples of photo manipulations, logo creation, animations, and complete web projects. With this book up your sleeve, you'll be creating spellbinding images from code in no time. The chapters consist of workshops, each one applying a set of ImageMagick commands to produce surprising and exciting results. As you read the book, you will learn the features of ImageMagick as well as getting lots of inspiration and ideas for how you can use it in your own projects. You'll be amazed by the creative results you can achieve using code.

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Guitar Books & Magazine Collection - PDF | 1,75 GB

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Increase Your Web Traffic in a Weekend, Fifth Edition by Jerry Lee Ford Jr. | 7 MB

Publisher: Course Technology PTR | Number Of Pages: 352 | Publication Date: 2007-10-30 | ISBN-10: 1598634828 | PDF

These days, everyone seems to have a home page or a Web site. However, just because you create and publish a Web site doesn’t mean anyone will visit it. Competition to attract visitors is extreme. The reality is that of the millions of Web pages out there, only a handful actually attract a steady readership; and these same Web pages are the ones that attract advertisers. In order to compete, you need to develop and implement a Web site promotion


DarkBASIC Pro Game Programming, Second Edition by Jonathan S. Harbour, Joshua R. Smith | 6.78 MB

Publisher: Course Technology PTR 1598632876 | Number Of Pages: 616 | Publication Date: 2006-09-07 | ISBN-10: 1598632876 | PDF

Learn to write 2D and 3D games without any programming experience by harnessing the advanced 2D/3D graphics features of DarkBasic Professional. This easy-to-use language handles the entire game engine for you, so you are free to focus on designing and playing your own games. Written for beginners with no programming experience, DarkBASIC Pro Game Programming, Second Edition is a welcome change of pace from traditional game programming books. You won't need to spend time figuring out how the game engine works, but only what the game is supposed to do. You will be able to create self-contained executable games with the graphics and sound files stored inside the exe file. No DarkBasic runtime library is needed: compiled programs are self-contained and require only that DirectX is installed. Finally, a book for complete beginners who want to learn to write games!


Microsoft Office 2007 eBooks Collection + 80 books | PDF | CHM | 1,8 GB



37 Packt Publishing E-books collection | 270 MB



9 Web 2.0 E-books collection | 155 MB




Robotics Ebook Collection | 2,3 GB | +150 ebooks | PDF | CHM

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David Busch, Quick Snap Guide To Lighting

Have you mastered the essentials of your digital SLR camera and now want to learn how to use light as a tool to enhance your photographs? David Busch’s Quick Snap Guide to Lighting provides a concise introduction to working with light and exposure, improving your photos with filters and reflectors, and transforming good lighting into great lighting, all in a simple-tobrowse book. This guide offers focused information that explains the purpose and function of each type of lighting, how to use it effectively to take compelling photos, and how to improve the lighting you find in a scene.



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CBT Nuggets Cisco Exam Pack 642-453 GWGK

Voice over IP (VoIP) offers companies dramatic efficiencies that can save them big bucks. What could be better than making yourself the go-to guy for all your organization’s VoIP solutions? Cisco Gateways and Gatekeepers (GWGK) is a complex body of VoIP knowledge, and certification shows that you understand it. Jeremy Cioara’s video series makes learning advanced GWGK concepts fast and enjoyable. Plus, it gives you the framework and configuration examples you need to handle your Gateway needs.

Whether you’re specializing in VoIP gateway configurations in live environments or seeking to round out your VoIP expertise with CCVP certification, this is definitely the training for you.

download links: Twitter Essential Training

Twitter Essential Training explains how to use Twitter; an online microblogging service that offers a way to share short bites of information instantly with others. Instructor Maria Langer first explains what Twitter is and how its service is used by individuals and businesses. She demonstrates how to sign up, send and read Twitter updates (also called “tweets”), and build a network of friends. The training describes how to get the most out of Twitter by customizing an individual profile, setting options, and tapping into third-party resources that make it easier to follow and send updates.

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LinuxCBT PHP Edition

LinuxCBT PHP Edition focuses entirely on PHP Web and Command-line scripting. Serious Linux IT-professionals are expected to have a command of various scripting environments for administrative purposes.

LinuxCBT PHP Edition, is unparalleled in content, depth and expertise. LinuxCBT PHP Edition prepares you or your organization for successfully developing and implementing business-critical GNU/Linux-based scripting solutions.

Recommended Prerequisites:

* LinuxCBT Classic and/or Debian GNU/Linux Editions and/or LinuxCBT BASH/Perl/Python Editions
* Open mind & determination to master Linux Scripting Solutions
* Access to a GNU/Linux-based PC to perform exercises in LinuxCBT PHP Edition


12 Volt Resource Mobile Installation CD-ROM

12 Volt Resource Mobile Installation CD-ROM

12 Volt Resource Aftermarket Installation CD-ROM v4.2 is designed to be the ultimate reference tool for anyone planning to install an aftermarket Security, Remote Start, Keyless Entry, Audio or Video device in their car, truck or SUV. From initial concept through deployment - The resources on this disk will guide you so the job gets done right the first time.

* Designed to simplify car audio, video and security installations
* Tells you all of the wire colors, locations and polarities needed for installing car alarms, remote starters, keyless entry, navigation, head units, speakers, mobile video systems, and subwoofer enclosures
* Includes step-by-step installation instructions
* This is the same information that is used by professional installers, but designed to be suitable for both novice installers and pros alike
* Updated twice a year (upgrade discount if you have an earlier version)
* 100% satisfaction guarantee

Vehicle Wire Color & Installation CD-ROM Contents

12 Volt Resource? Aftermarket Installation CD-ROM v4.2 is truly the most valuable & complete vehicle installation reference guide available today. Take a look below and see for yourself how much invaluable information we have to offer.

This CD-ROM contains a full installation database with vehicle wire colors for nearly every make and model vehicle manufactured from 1979-2007. Also included are Vehicle Specific Notes for Integrating and/or Bypassing Factory Alarms, Transponders, and Immobilizes (when applicable) such as General Motors Passlock I, Passlock II, PASSKEY III, VATS, Ford PATS.

Simply insert this CD-ROM into any Windows, Macintosh, or Linux based computer or laptop and enjoy instant access to this fantastic installation tool. Fully plug and play, the only software required is Adobe Acrobat Reader, a full version of which is included on every CD-ROM we sell (12 Volt Resource? is a licensed distributor of Adobe Acrobat Reader).


Adobe AIR Essential Training -

In AIR Essential Training, instructor David Gassner shows how to use the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) and associated development tools to create dynamic applications. David demonstrates how to build and deploy desktop applications that run equally well on Windows and Mac OS X. He covers creating applications in Flex Builder 3, Dreamweaver CS3, and Flash CS3; working with HTML and PDF documents; creating a seamless installation experience; and more. Exercise files accompany the course.

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LinuxCBT Python Edition

LinuxCBT Python Edition focuses entirely on the popular Python language. Serious Linux IT-professionals are expected to have a command of various scripting environments for administrative purposes.

LinuxCBT Python Edition, is unparalleled in content, depth and expertise. LinuxCBT Python Edition prepares you or your organization for successfully developing and implementing business-critical GNU/Linux-based scripting solutions.

Recommended Prerequisites:

* LinuxCBT Classic and/or Debian GNU/Linux Editions and/or LinuxCBT BASH and/or LinuxCBT Perl Editions
* Open mind & determination to master Linux Scripting Solutions
* Access to a GNU/Linux-based PC to perform exercises in LinuxCBT Python Edition


Video Training for IHETS IP Subnetting

This DVD was recorded and produced by the Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System (IHETS) to teach the concepts of IP addressing and IP subnetting. The training was recorded live and includes the interaction of the students and instructors. Many whiteboard examples are included for maximum learning. This DVD is great for those who are looking to learn IP subnetting concepts as well as those who just want to keep their skills up-to-date.
Boson is the exclusive distributor of this DVD.


Appdev Exploring ASP.NET Using Visual Basic 2005

Exploring ASP.NET Using Visual Basic 2005
Modules Run Time
6 9 hours AppDev’s Exploring ASP.NET Using Visual Basic 2005 course provides a general overview of the exciting and powerful new features in ASP.NET 2.0. The course introduces many of the new ASP.NET server controls, shows how to incorporate the new membership, profile and personalization features, examines new data caching and data binding features, and more. This course will prepare upgrading ASP.NET developers to be productive with new features as soon as possible.


Pragmatic Bookshelf Coding In Objective C 2.0

Objective-C is the programming language for writing native iPhone and Mac applications. It’s also the language that Apple uses to build their own applications and frameworks. So, if you know Objective-C, you have a lot of power at your fingertips. But if you’re new to C or object-oriented programming, then Objective-C can seem a little awkward at first. These screencasts by Bill Dudney, an experienced Objective-C programmer, will help you quickly get up to speed on Objective-C 2.0 basics.

After watching these video tutorials, you’ll be more confident to start writing high-quality iPhone and Mac applications. You’ll not just know how to write code, you’ll also understand why it works. You’ll feel more comfortable with the Objective-C syntax and object-oriented programming in general. You’ll also be able to manage memory wisely and diagnose common memory problems. You’ll have added yet another programming language to your toolbox, and your resume!

download links:

Pragmatic Bookshelf Writing Your First iPhone Application

Now that the iPhone SDK has officially been released and the Apple App Store is open for business, it’s time to write killer mobile applications! To do that, you’ll need to use several powerful (and possibly unfamiliar) tools: Xcode, Interface Builder, Objective-C, and then the iPhone SDK itself. It can all be a little overwhelming at first. Learn how to write your first table-based iPhone application from Bill Dudney, an experienced iPhone developer.

Building iPhone applications is a visual process. These video tutorials are a great way to learn by shoulder-surfing with an expert, whether you’re thinking about getting into iPhone development or already well on your way. You’ll learn his workflow, his development techniques, and the tricks of the trade. And you’ll walk away with the confidence and resources to build your table-based iPhone application from scratch.

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SAN Training EMC Storage Area Network Training

More Info:


EMC is the world’s most experienced SAN provider. And it’s the only company that provides the full range of products and services you need for a comprehensive, automated SAN solution. So you can improve server consolidation and increase storage utilization.

With EMC, you get:

* The industry’s widest range of proven SAN products. Choose from the most complete selection of leading SAN products, from midrange to enterprise class.

* Comprehensive management. Get simple, centralized, automated SAN management. And easily manage heterogeneous environments from a single point of control.

* Guaranteed interoperability. We invest hundreds of millions annually to ensure all components of a networked storage solution work together—so you don’t have to.

* Investment protection. Seamlessly integrate new technologies as they become available.

* Expert design and implementation services. EMC Technology Solutions experts design and build some of the world’s largest and most complex SANs. We know what works, and how to make it work for you. And our customer satisfaction ratings are the industry’s highest.

Rely on the most trusted networked storage vendor
As the industry’s leading SAN vendor, EMC offers unequalled experience. Plus, the broadest range of connectivity choices. Guaranteed interoperability. And the industry’s highest-rated service and support.


Microsoft Office 2007 Video Tutorials

Video Training VTC - Microsoft Access 2007 Tutorials |400 Mb
Video Training VTC - Microsoft Excel 2007 Tutorials |400 Mb
Video Training VTC - Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 Tutorials |300 Mb
Video Training VTC - Microsoft Project 2007 Tutorials |300 Mb
Video Training VTC - Microsoft Publisher 2007 Tutorials | 500 Mb
Video Training VTC - Microsoft Visio 2007 Tutorials |700 Mb
Video Training VTC - Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorials |400 Mb

download links:

Microsoft Access 2007 Tutorials

Microsoft Excel 2007 Tutorials

Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 Tutorials

Microsoft Project 2007 Tutorials

Microsoft Publisher 2007 Tutorials

Microsoft Visio 2007 Tutorials

Microsoft Word 2007 Tutorials - Real-World XML

Joe Marini “ - Real-World XML”
14/04/09 | | Win/Mac | ISO | 296 MB

XML technologies offer web developers and designers more flexibility than ever before. In Real-World XML, industry expert Joe Marini covers the best programming practices with XML, including the tools needed to build effective XML structures. He demonstrates the implementation of XML formats, how these formats work in real-world situations, and how they can facilitate project planning and development.

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VTC - Microsoft Excel Automation

Lauri Matson “VTC - Microsoft Excel Automation”
30/01/09 | 5 hrs - 71 le├žons | VTC | Win/Mac | 260 MB

VTC’s Microsoft Excel Automation course is intended for intermediate and advanced users who wish to increase their efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Students should have already completed Excel introduction courses or have equivalent knowledge.

Created for all versions of Excel, this course will help students master the art of spreadsheet design and will provide comprehensive instruction in the automation and simplification of even the most complex data.

Expanding upon our basic Excel courses, Lauri Matson explores the more advanced features of Excel such as VLookup functions, validation, pivot tables, analysis tools, charting, and more.




Digital Tutors - Character and Scene Development in ZBrush

The team here at Digital-Tutors is excited to announce our latest training title - ‘Character and Scene Development in ZBrush,’ an in-depth guide to creating polished characters and appealing scenes using ZBrush and Maya. ‘Character and Scene Development in ZBrush’ offers nearly six hours of training and covers a step-by-step approach to character and scene development and provides time-saving workflows to sculpting, texturing, character interaction, composition, lighting, and rendering. Perfect for anyone working on pitch materials and finished comps, to personal portfolio work.

download links:

Digital Tutors - mental ray Nodes Online Reference Library

Digital Tutors - mental ray Nodes Online Reference Library | 1.6 GB

Over 100 nodes covered in Maya
Scene files included

download links:

Lynda CSS 2 Essential Training

Whether you’re an intranet developer responsible for tens of thousands of pages, or a freelance Web designer operating on the cutting edge of technology, CSS2 is an important tool for your toolbox. Designed specifically for those who have a clear understanding of HTML, this hands-on training CD-ROM will teach you how Cascading Style Sheets can be used to achieve a new level of fine-grain control over Web design. Learn how it’s possible to easily apply the same consistent look and feel to any number of pages using external style sheets. Learn how to control the layout of your pages down to the pixel, and then specify exactly how the fonts should be rendered. Learning CSS2 will even teach you how to create simple rollover effects that don’t require any programming. Running Time: 4 hours.


Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) Tutorials

Microsoft Office is the foundation of most business computer systems; understanding its power and utilizing its productivity is crucial in today’s environment. The Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) certification is a series of performance-based exams of the Microsoft Office Suite. The exams focus on the use of these programs in a “real world” enviroment: Microsoft Office Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Access 2007, Outlook 2007, and Windows Vista. Acquiring MCAS Certification places a candidate above the rest when searching for new positions and advancement opportunities. This course prepares you for MCAS exams 77-600 through 77-605 by teaching the skills you need to master in each of the programs to achieve the highest standards of performance and efficiency. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

download links: